Find Loans According to Your Needs with Maybank KTA

21 March 2023

Fill in Your Financial Needs With Maybank KTA

Apply Maybank KTA

KTA (Kredit Tanpa Agunan) is a financial solution that can be used to meet your financial needs. Maybank is one of the banks that offer KTA products with various benefits and easy submissions so that they can help customers meet their financial needs without providing collateral.

One of the choices for KTA (Kredit Tanpa Agunan) is Maybank KTA . Maybank KTA can determine the right loan for you with the feature to calculate the required loan amount and the tenor you want.

In addition, the Maybank KTA has the following advantages and features:

1.  Various Loan Limits

The loans provided are varied, up to IDR 250 million for payroll customers and IDR 150 million for non-payroll customers.

2.  Long Duration

The duration given to Maybank payroll customers is up to 5 years and 3 years for non-payroll customers.

3.  Fixed installments

Maybank KTA provides fixed installment facilities for customers. For more information, see this page.

4.  Competitive Interest Rates

Maybank KTA has a competitive interest rate according to the tenor you choose.

You can use the features and benefits of Maybank KTA above to meet all your financial needs, such as educational expenses, home renovation costs, and so on.

You can see the terms and conditions for applying for Maybank KTA on this page.

Let's fulfill your financial needs with Maybank KTA and With Maybank, apply for Maybank KTA now. all banking transactions can be done with one hand!