Plan your vacation abroad, enjoy guaranteed low foreign currency exchange rates & ease of transactions with 0% installments using a Maybank Credit Card.

Transaction period 20th June 2022 – 31st January 2023.

General terms & conditions:

  • Valid for retail transactions overseas and abroad and online transactions using foreign currencies.
  • Not valid for cash advance transactions (cash advance at ATM), Maybank XCash and XBill.
  • Valid for Maybank Credit Cards with BII & Maybank logos, except for Maybank Corporate Credit Cards.
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

Guaranteed low foreign currency exchange rate, given in the form of replacement for the difference in foreign currency exchange rates provided by the Maybank Credit Card, if it is proven that there is a lower exchange rate on the same Visa / Mastercard® / JCB Credit Card, on the same day of transaction.

Claims for foreign exchange differences are submitted with the following conditions:

  • A maximum of foreign exchange claims can be made no later than 30 (thirty) days after the transaction is printed on Maybank Credit Card billing statement.
  • Attach proof of other bank bills informing the lower exchange rate than the one given by Maybank in the email sent to with the email subject: Claim for Exchange Rate Difference - Overseas Program.
  • Claims are made by attaching proof of credit card bills from other banks with the same principal as the Maybank Credit Card used for the transaction, for example: Visa / Mastercard® / JCB.
  • Comparison of transactions using credit cards from other banks must be made on the same day as transactions made using Maybank Credit Cards.
  • If the results of the investigation prove that another bank provides a lower exchange rate, the difference in the exchange rate will be credited in the form of cashback, no later than 30 (thirty) days after the claim is made.
  • At the time of crediting cashback, the Maybank Credit Card owned must be in an active condition, no blocking, no over limit, and no late payments.

Maybank Visa Credit Card exchange rate 1 USD = IDR 14,500
Other Bank Visa Credit Card exchange rate 1 USD = Rp 14,250
Customer Purchase Transaction Value = USD 2,000
Cashback on guaranteed low exchange rate = IDR 500,000
Difference on exchange rate IDR14,500 - IDR14,250 = 250 x spend value USD2,000



Installment Terms and Conditions:

Enjoy 0% installments for 6 or 12 months with a Maybank Credit Card.

  • The minimum transactions that can be done in 0% installments are as follows:
Tenor (month)

Minimum Transaction (IDR)


Conversion Fee per Transaction (IDR)


3 mio


20 thou


5 mio


20 thou

  • You can apply for 0% Installment by:
    • Contact Maybank Customer Care at 1500611, or
    • Send an email to by informing:
      Email subject: 0% Installment Overseas Program
      Maybank Credit Card Number:
      Transaction information:
      • Transaction date
      • Number of transactions
      • Place of transaction/Merchant name
      • Choice of tenor
  • Transactions that will be converted into installments are transactions that have been recorded in the Maybank system or printed on the monthly billing statement before the payment is due.
  • When converting the transaction into installments, the Maybank Credit Card owned must be in an active condition, no blocking, no over limit, and no late payments.
  • Your Maybank Credit Card limit will be blocked for the number of transactions and the card limit will automatically be reduced to the amount of the monthly installment payment. If the Maybank Credit Card Holder makes a payment before the installment tenor ends, a fee of IDR300,000 will be charged.
  • PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk has the right to cancel, postpone extending or terminating this program before: vary, delete, or add one of the terms and conditions with absolute decision and will be informed through the Maybank website at .
  • Maybank at any time based on its own consideration has the right to disqualify a Customer who is proven or indicated to have committed fraud, violated the applicable laws and regulations and/or carried out other intentional manipulation in connection with the implementation of the program